"Oh My My"

Here's some live footage from the album release show for The Risk & The Gift at The Basement in Nashville TN.  

"Oh My My" was inspired by my daughter.  When she was an infant, I would set her in a bouncy chair and play my guitar as long as she would let me.  If you're a parent, you understand this parenting 'solution' seldom allows for actually achieving a given task, but we still try, right? :)  She decided she wanted to be in my arms... as babies often do.  I picked her up and said 'Oh my my my my my...' and started talking to her about how drastically she was changing my whole life.  I tried to write the song so that it's not just about a parent's love for a child, but about how love changes you.  Because it does.  It will.  I know I have been changed by love, I would not trade a second of it.   It's 'one heck of a ride'.  :)