"C'mon Love"

"C'mon Love" was written because of a songwriting challenge I saw on Renee Grant-Williams' newsletter to write a Valentine's Day song that had the words Love Kiss Valentine & Sweet.  I realized I didn't have any Valentine's songs, so I used this as my subject matter for the day.  It was like completing a puzzle.  I had just started playing the ukelele, so this is the first song I wrote on the ukelele.  I like how flirty and playful the lyrics are and I love the gypsy-folk vibe the band gave it on the recording.  It's for anyone who is waiting for love to come their way and starting to feel a bit impatient.  I'd love to get it into the hands of someone at Hershey... cause it would serve them well as a Valentine's commercial.  :)   "...You're that song I can't resist, with a melody sweeter than a Hershey kiss..."