"C'mon Love"

"C'mon Love" was written because of a songwriting challenge I saw on Renee Grant-Williams' newsletter to write a Valentine's Day song that had the words Love Kiss Valentine & Sweet.  I realized I didn't have any Valentine's songs, so I used this as my subject matter for the day.  It was like completing a puzzle.  I had just started playing the ukelele, so this is the first song I wrote on the ukelele.  I like how flirty and playful the lyrics are and I love the gypsy-folk vibe the band gave it on the recording.  It's for anyone who is waiting for love to come their way and starting to feel a bit impatient.  I'd love to get it into the hands of someone at Hershey... cause it would serve them well as a Valentine's commercial.  :)   "...You're that song I can't resist, with a melody sweeter than a Hershey kiss..."

"Oh My My"

Here's some live footage from the album release show for The Risk & The Gift at The Basement in Nashville TN.  

"Oh My My" was inspired by my daughter.  When she was an infant, I would set her in a bouncy chair and play my guitar as long as she would let me.  If you're a parent, you understand this parenting 'solution' seldom allows for actually achieving a given task, but we still try, right? :)  She decided she wanted to be in my arms... as babies often do.  I picked her up and said 'Oh my my my my my...' and started talking to her about how drastically she was changing my whole life.  I tried to write the song so that it's not just about a parent's love for a child, but about how love changes you.  Because it does.  It will.  I know I have been changed by love, I would not trade a second of it.   It's 'one heck of a ride'.  :) 

...in with the new

Welcome to the new NEWS section.  Just a quick note for anyone that is new to me or my music.

- I love working with Sing Me a Story. Last year they introduced me to The Pounds family.  Amelia & Annabel's story grew wings and flew all the way to the Today Show, Nashville News Channel 5, a few additional TV outlets, and even won a MidSouth Emmy.  The story continues to inspire and remind me that every day and every life is a gift.

- My song "I Could Get Used to This" was featured on Cedar Cove.  I have been recording and releasing music the past several years.  You can find me almost everywhere music is sold or streamed.  Physical copies of my music can be purchased in my store.